Dan Sharples

Tattoo Artist - Founder Skin Graffiti
Dan has been active in the tattoo industry for 20 years and specialises in tattooing Japanese/Chinese style imagery

Dan Sharples started his traditional tattoo apprenticeship in June 2000, his view of the tattoo world being shaped early on under his mentor Mick Greenfield and the artists and conventions he introduced him to. In 2004 Dan founded Skin Graffiti in Wigan, the start of his own journey, merging technical craftmanship with a creative environment. He travelled to be tattooed by some of the day’s most prominent artists opening his eyes to what was possible. After multiple trips to the far east he was initiated into the rich culture and meanings of the imagery used there inspiring him to forge a new path in the way of Japanese style tattooing. Now working with each client to create the perfect tattoo for that person, Dan spends hours researching, designing and drawing before the first session even starts.

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