Month: June 2020

Jun - 20

Grand Master of Sak Yant

Ajarn Ohr Grand master of Sak Yant tattoos will be here at Skin Graffiti for a few days from the 12th of October, space is limited so booking well in advance is a must!.

For more than a thousand years Sak Yant has been a significant part of religious life in Thailand. Tattooing evolved into a magical text encompassing Buddhism,
Hinduism, animism and ancestor worship that provides it’s wearers with protection from a variety of misfortunes, the ability to influence other people’s behavior and increase good luck. They are regarded as magical mediators between this world and the next that are capable of channeling powerful cosmic forces that transcend
nature, the mind, body and soul. People in Thailand will tell you that the real power of their tattooing comes from the Buddhist monk (or arjan) who created it, the master recites sacred verses and blessings during the tattoo session, so quietly they may be barely discernible to the client. A person tattooed with Sak Yant becomes part of a power chain that functions within disciples wherever they go assuming adhere to the Buddhist precepts during the course of their life. 




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